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Probate and Trust Litigation Attorneys in Brea

Building wealth is a lifelong endeavor, and ensuring your legacy is preserved exactly as you intend is crucial. At My Estate Litigation, we understand the importance of detailed and strategic estate planning to prevent your assets from being caught in lengthy probate battles or eaten away by unnecessary taxes and fees. If proper measures aren’t taken, your family could endure a slow, costly, and emotionally draining probate process that could put your final wishes at risk and strain family relationships. Our team is here to prevent that, serving as your advocate to protect your interests and resolve disputes effectively.

Experienced in Probate, Trust, and Inheritance Dispute Litigation

The attorneys at My Estate Litigation are well-versed in all facets of estate law, from drafting comprehensive estate plans to defending our clients’ rights in probate and trust litigation. We recognize the emotional difficulties that often accompany disputes over estates and approach each case with the utmost care, compassion, and dedication to preserving your peace of mind.

Serving the Brea Community

Brea, a city located in Orange County, is known for its robust economy and tight-knit community. With a diverse population and a high percentage of homeowners, Brea is a place where many residents invest deeply in their futures. It’s common for families here to require sophisticated estate planning and legal services to manage their complex assets and ensure their legacies are protected. Brea’s strategic location and community-focused atmosphere make it an ideal base for our clientele, allowing us to provide tailored legal services that meet the unique needs of its residents.

Protecting Your Assets and Peace in Brea

Without a sound estate plan, your family’s control over your estate could be left to a time-consuming and impersonal probate process. My Estate Litigation develops customized legal strategies that not only secure your wealth for future generations but also significantly reduce the risk of costly litigation. Should you find your estate the subject of a dispute, we are equipped to represent your interests vigorously, striving to settle conflicts efficiently and avoid prolonged courtroom battles.

Residents of Brea facing challenges with estate planning, probate litigation, trust litigation, or inheritance disputes can turn to My Estate Litigation for reliable and empathetic legal support. To discover more about how we can assist you or to schedule your free initial consultation, contact us today. Let us help you ensure your estate is managed according to your wishes, providing you and your family the security and assurance you deserve.


Resolving Family Trust and Probate Conflict.

I have known Paul Velasco and his team for many years. Paul and Nicole Napalan have helped me with several plans regarding my future planning (health directives, etc.) and done a superb job. Their kind and thoughtful manner is exemplary.Additionally, Peter Sahin assisted one of my closest friends and his family develop a trust for his mothert. Everyone involved was pleased with the service and the resulting trust.When you want something done with care and compassion, Velasco Law Group is a law firm you can trust!

Dennis McCue

Great service, very professional staff. I had a client who needed an advise from an attorney and Velasco Law Group was the perfect Firm to go to. Thanks for taking care of business so professionally !!

Rene Cervantes

Laura helped settle an estate for me and was very professional from start to finish. She always responded quickly and helped me to navigate through the process efficiently. I would highly recommend her for your estate planning needs.

Dave Dumalski


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